COUNSELING/ MENTORING – In Person or Via Phone

  • Life Transitions/ Relationships/ Communication/ Career
  • Hands-on Transformative BodyEnergy Work
  • Talk and Energy Healing are integrated; over the phone, distance healing is added to the counseling/mentoring discussion.
  • $200 p/hr


  • Disavowing
  • Home/ Land Clearing & Blessing
  • Other ceremonies are available upon request, such as Birth, Retirement or other life event


 1/2 and full day workshops available using personal myths, dreams and group vision for problem-solving, team building, stress management, courageous communication and personal enrichment. Inquire for availability and rates for your organization, group or business. 


 Blue Heart Body-Temple Practices

  • Open communication between your Two Hearts
  • Bring Form, Life Force, Thought and Spirit into Alignment
  • Be with other women who are waking up and deepening themselves

Held at the Blue Heart Sanctuary, Paradise Valley.


The following courses may be taken by anyone who is interested. Completion of each cycle of courses enables a woman to share information and mentor others within the range of the cycle she has completed.

Courses form the core of the Heart of Courage Soul Journey Depth Mentorship Training Program

  1. Universal Field Integrative Thoughts (or UFIT for short), covers core knowledge of Universal Principles. They are sometimes called Universal Laws. The main point is for you to understand that they govern everything in Life – they come from the very flow of Life. Knowing the concepts is not enough. Having experiences with these Principles will allow you to embody this wisdom so you can be success-full in ANY aspect of your life. Again, Universal Principles govern everything in Life.
  2. Feeling Good! Boundaries for the 21st Century
    A New System for Sensing What’s Mine and What’s Yours!
    Caution! You need healthy boundaries or you’ll drain your life dry…finally, an exclusive energy-based approach to communication and relating that makes sense! This course is for individuals seeking development, answers and support for better, more peaceful relationships. It is also a basic requirement course for people who want to become certified as Heart of Courage Depth Mentors.