Heart of Courage Woman’s deep-body heart is the first home for every human being. This “sweet abode

 Encompassing an area of our subtle body referred to as Second Chakra (or Lower Tanden or Hara), Heart of Courage contains our emotional body. This field has the sensitive capacity to receive, carry and respond to emotional vibrations from others and the world.

Our Heart of Courage carries natural gifts of intuition, creativity, playfulness and pre-verbal communicative wisdom. Known as clairsentience, this is our innate capacity to decipher deeper meanings underlying any spoken word. We can “read between the lines.”

Power contained in this important part of our vibratory anatomy is often denigrated or misunderstood because one of the things this power does is organize our sexuality. This same center also organizes our ability to nurture, to be spontaneous, and to feel at home in our physical body.

As we grow up we often learn to dismiss, deny or disdain these original gifts. By repressing our innate sensitivity we stifle our own creativity and instead use our energy defensively. We shut down and close off, make due and go along, smooth things over and cover-up with a smile or a snarl. In our desire for acceptance from others we forget how to access our own passion. The key to reclaiming our joy, esteem and woman’s voice resides in our Heart of Courage.

For too long we have split our intellectual brain from our body intelligence. Bridging this gap is the first step in learning to sense and think holistically – the first step in any healing. We cannot hope to find peace in the world if we can’t resolve the conflict between our own spiritual psyche and physical body.

When we re-sensitize to our Heart of Courage we reconnect with our ground of Being, empathy and passion – all necessary emotions for finding inner peace and for relating to the world and ourselves with love and compassion.